Rape culture

I have been reading a lot about the rape culture notion, especially after the Stuebenville verdict and how that mess was all handled in the media.

Sadly, we live in a culture where rape is acceptable. Sure, we have laws that say it’s not, but when you get down to the dirty honest facts, it’s acceptable. It’s heartbreaking that a young girl had to face all the bullying, all the threats, and the negativity because a group of people, including the two defendants, took advantage of her. 

My main questions: how do you raise a group of children who found this okay, who found this acceptable, and NO ONE stepped up and stopped this. No one.

It terrifies me that the mentality and the reasoning that was presented tried to make the boys out to be the overall victim in this situation.

No, they are not the victims.  They are two people that should have known better. Under what circumstances did they get the notion that it is okay to dominate another person, drug another person, and rape another person – all in the name of some good ol’ fun.

And what parents gave their children that much alcohol for the parties and such the men took the girl to?

Yes, mainly, where the fuck were the adults?  This much shit went down, and not a single adult knew? Not a single adult was a friend with their child on their social media page or heard that their child was posting about a rape and the horrible treatment of another human being?

We send our children into a world where we cannot trust the decency of their peer group or the decency of other adults connected to their peer group?

This hurts my heart a lot, and leaves me with a large amount of fear.  I know I am the overall intended protector of my child, but I cannot watch her 24/7, and I cannot trust other adults, if this situation is any sort of an example. And it’s not the only circumstance, there are many others across our country.

So, at the end of the day, how we do protect our littles? How do we make sure that they are getting the best treatment, that other people are respecting them, and know that they will not get taken advantage of in such a horrible manner? Something needs to change, and I honestly think it will, but it still scares me. I can only teach my daughter so much, I have to be able to have faith that the world will be okay for her, or I might go crazy worrying about it.