What is it about baby snuggles that seem to make everything okay?

Today I applied for foodstamps. I doubt I will get any, due to my alleged making too much money. I know, a lot of my debt is from my credit cards in college, but being so overwhelmed by them, I have no real clue even how to pay them down. Living pay check to pay check sucks, and some assistance so I could pay them down, would be helpful.

Which leads me to my greatest struggle – do I forego buying a newish vehicle or use my tax return to pay off debt? I live in Montana, so something with 4 wheel drive would be incredible, but I have so much debt, and even 3k from a tax return would pay off quite a bit. I could possibly breathe a bit more. My car is also a 1997, so it is old and starting to show its age. 

 I wish there was a magic wand that would just show me which path would be easier.

Also, I have been looking at taking some doula courses on line.  They aren’t too expensive, and I think I would like the post-partum doula work better. That way, I could still do my 8-5, but also help some moms out.

Being poor sucks. I know, its not as bad as some people have, and I should be more grateful and more optimistic, but seriously, stressing about how to buy groceries every week is just exhausting. I am 26, I need to get my poop in a group.