A way to a mommy’s tummy…

Part of my reason for blogging was to also to try out new things and push myself to get my shit together.

Disclosure: I am horrible with money. I have no concept of budgets and spending. I live pay check to pay check and hate it.

Step in having a child. I need to get it together. 

One of my main problems is groceries.  I am really bad at budgeting for food and life supplies.  So, one of my first plans of attack is to learn how to live on a budget food wise.  I decided to buy an e-book a blog I follow recommended: Your Grocery Budget Toolbox  by Anne Simpson.

I had read a blog that mentioned the book, and contemplated the purchase for a couple of weeks. After my last shopping trip of going in for 6 things and coming out with an $80 bill, I decided I needed to do some rehashing of my grocery shopping.

My plan is to read this book all the way through (which I have almost done!), and then start trying out the methods. Thus far, it seems like it is pretty reasonable to follow and should be quite beneficial, once I get going with it.

I will update as I go and share my experience.  My main concern is since it is written for a larger family, I will have to adjust it to fit my needs as a single mommy breast feeding.  However, I want to be successful, and with my first perusal of the book, I am seeing a lot of areas that I will be able to improve on. I also think I can cut down some of the menu-planning ideas and such. I am pretty excited!

So, instead of continuously waxing about how sad I am, I need to start being proactive in changing that. Ack. Scary!