I started frequenting a site Dear Wendy.  I liked the questions people were sending in, and I liked the comments people were leaving.  I then saw they had a forum and started posting in the forum.  It is simply a very favorite new hobby of mine.

Someone from the site has give me a very generous gift.  My heart was filled overflowing with the generosity of the donor.  I still am startled and surprised – this kind of generosity is just amazing to me.

I like to think of myself as a hard worker. As a fighter. As someone who will try so very hard to succeed, even though I more often than not, very overwhelmed.  In the last 5.5 months, I have been so utterly exhausted and worn out, and this gift has revived me a little bit.  It has helped wear down some of the sharp edges I was forming and helped me accept some recent losses.

Friendships are continuing to be lost, and mostly, I am just at a lost as to what I am suppose to do.  As a mom, I only have so much time, and I really don’t want to send it being mired in games and snarkyness.  However, I do really care about some people, but they seem to not care about me.

It will all work out.  It has to.  My life has to have a purpose somewhere – I am still waiting for it sometimes.