I live in a community with a lot of bullying. It starts out young and continues through adult hood. I know middle aged moms who bully just as bad as middle school girls.

The things I hear, stealing money and items from poorer children, defacing other kids’ property, mocking them, hitting them, assaulting them…..it is all so very sad.

I just really want to know why this even happens. I know it stems from homes with parental disconnect, or abuse – but with so much counseling and such available, I guess I don’t really see why kids still feel the need to bully other kids.  And why doesn’t it stop once we become adults?

That is the hardest to watch: the adult bullying.  The Facebook arguments, the vague Facebook statuses that attempt to insult someone but don’t actually pin point another person, the “mommy wars,” etc.  All of it just further and further drives wedges between others and makes it harder for people to make friends and/or participate in social activities.

Our society is so individualized. We are not designed to be that way.  We need to have more tribal, communal interaction. I really want that – some days I yearn for it, how much nicer it would be, and how much easier it would make life.

So, where does it start? How does the bullying cycle end? Do  we start punishing not only the kids, but also their parents?  Make their parents replace damaged property, do community service, etc.?

I am not sure how to change it….but I really really really want to see a difference.


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