Gnashing Teeth

My little bird is teething.  This means I don’t sleep. Which means I am exhausted. All. the. Time.

This is one of the times I end up rethinking everything. The choice to be a mom, the choice to keep my kiddo, the choice to do this without being an asshole, etc. 

And I know that this is just a season, and that it will pass, but doing this shit on my own is tough. I just feel that so much of my life I feel has been spent doing everything on my own. All my problems, all my issues, everything. Sometimes, I just want an extra ten minutes without anyone needing anything from me and nothing needing to be done. I am tired of always being tired. I’ve been tired and alone for so much of my life, and honestly, it just gets old.

On a better note, I am taking an extra day off from work. Just to do some random stuff I normally don’t have time to do. I am excited for it. I just have to make it to April 1.



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