Crazy Week

This week was crazy and finally caught up to me Saturday night, where I was out with Aspen at 8pm.

Trial went well, testifying wasn’t that horrible, just awkward.

I filed my taxes and am waiting for the return. I have decided to use it to pay off some bills. I am okay with this decision, as it will be nice to have more income versus debt, and I can use it to pay off more debt.

I am still doing okay with my grocery budgeting, but am waiting till this upcoming pay day where I can actually plan out a larger, more expansive trip.

Today, I realized that I am almost out of dish soap, so decided to make some from my soap nuts. It was incredibly easy – I just boiled 12 of them in 6 cups of water, then once it cooled, took the nuts out and put the liquid in glass containers.  I can also use it for shampoo, which I am going to try.

I guess I can use the liquid for pretty much everything resembling cleaning in the house.  This means I will need to buy another bag of them. 

Haha! In true mommy fashion, I went to go lay down with my daughter, and forgot completely I had a post I was working on. So, ten hours later I am finishing this up. 

I have been greatly overwhelmed lately, and I think some of the stuff sliding away this week has let some of the actual exhaustion come in. I need a break, or once some of this gets back on track, a night out with friends and a glass wine.



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