Door Shut

Tomorrow I finally get to close a door on my life.  I have to testify in my ex’s case against the guy who hit him, causing him subdurmal hematoma.  I devoted six months of my life to taking care of him, and got shit on by him, his friends, and his family.  Further, I went into debt, and got nothing out of the relationship besides anxiety and a nagging PTSD.

On a plus side, I got an approval letter from Medicaid today. I am hoping that part of my life will get cleared up too.  Now if only all my tax return information would get here, and I would be even more excited.

In regards to my grocery budget mission: I did go shopping on Sunday.  I spent within the budget, and got everything but olives (I can never find them at Walmart). I also created a document in Google docs in order to have a spreadsheet of what I spend each item, how much I spend each trip, and hopefully can pull the information together to keep on track.

I really think this, like how to change your oil, should be the type of things that are taught in high school.  Applicable life skills should be more important than subjects I don’t even remember learning.

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