Where is my mind?

So effing excited! I made this cute lil girl!  She is 11 weeks old, and is quite adorable.

However, I wish someone had warned me how lonely being a mommy, especially a single mommy, would be.  You lose friends. Family shows their true colors.  Life gets hard hard hard. And sometimes, it would just be nice if someone texted me or called me to say hello.

I just want to share my journey of being a working mom, loving my daughter, and trying to keep my sanity and strength through it all.  I will attempt to do crafts, share ideas, review current events, and post adorable photos of my lil’ sack of potatoes.



One thought on “Where is my mind?

  1. Oh wow, honey, I remember my husband leaving me where ours was 3 mos. old. I still remember my dad coming and bringing us; well, me a sack of groceries and how I just bawled about it. Hang in there

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